Earning your trust and clarifying your goals is the most important part of our process. To earn your trust we have developed a disciplined process that we follow. We will begin with a complementary consultation which includes the following steps:

  • A discussion of your personal situation and answer any questions you have
  • We fully explain our process
  • We explain how we are paid
  • And we will both decide if we are comfortable working with each-other

Once the decision is made to work together we will develop a Customized Financial Plan for you as we walk you through a step-by-step process that will make you feel confident with your financial decisions. We will provide  you with objective recommendations based on your specific goals by following the next steps:

  • We will have an in depth discussion of your retirement goals, time frame, risk tolerance and expectations and gather the appropriate financial information
  • Then we will project your retirement goals to determine what steps are required to address your objectives
  • Then we will provide you with a customized written action plan to address your retirement goals including recommendations for:
    • A Customized and Diversified Investment Portfolio
    • Tax Savings Strategies
    • Inflation Protection Strategies
    • Employer Retirement Plan Transition Assistance
    • Retirement Income Strategies
    • Estate Planning strategies designed with a goal to preserve your assets from unnecessary fees and taxes
    • Insurance Proposals if applicable